I believe that the capacity and the desire to create

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So both are equally important. Fans would like to  D2R Items see more StarCraft games. I'm a huge fan and also want to play more StarCraft games. Fans want more Diablo games. I'm a big fan, and I also want to see more Diablo games. Fans want new IP also, and I am one too.
The things we discuss in terms of "What IP we should use and how we should think about it?" The team has plenty of decision-making power on that. But also we have to be aware of the games and what IPs teams are extremely enthusiastic about. What IP is suitable for different kinds of games.
I like the fact that we are able to access these IPs, which have these stories, time spans as well as any game-related story that are associated with them -- I consider it an asset. I don't see that as a liability. I believe that the capacity and the desire to create the new is equally important and we've proven that it's possible by using Diablo, and we'll prove that again in the near future.
A first-person shooter that is based on StarCraft seems to have become the white whale of Blizzard. Recently, we heard about a project that was an first-person shooter that was set in the StarCraft universe being pulled, and then there was StarCraft Ghost. Are you sure that that is a concept you'd still love to pursue?
I'm not sure, but one of the things that I'd like to highlight is that there's been recent stories that have been focusing on games we have not moved forward on, however internally, we have been aware that 50percent of games we launch actually are  cheap diablo 2 resurrected items not completed.

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